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Paediatric ENT

Glue Ear, Tonsillitis, Kids ENT

We manage all aspects of children's ENT


Glue Ear, Grommets 

Tonsillitis, Lumps & bumps, 

Voice problems and more

Nasal Congestion

Sinusitis, Polyps
Deviated septum, Broken nose
Loss of Smell & Allergies

We can help with all nose issues

Sinusitis, Nasal Polyps

Deviated septum, Broken nose

Loss of Smell & Allergies

Thyroid & Neck lumps

Neck lump

Our fellowship trained ent doctors have super specialist surgical expertise in 

Thyroid surgery

Partoid, Neck Lumps 

Salivary Gland, Skin lesions 

and Head & Neck Cancer Surgery

Snoring & Sleep


Disordered sleep can cause many issues including effects on relationships, increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

We can assess, advise and treat you.

Tinnitus & Hearing Loss


Along side our highly respected

Audiology Team we offer

Hearing Tests, Tinnitus Management

Hearing Aids and support

Voice & Sore Throat

Sore throat
loss of voice

Management of  professional singers as well as adults and children who feel their voice is altered, alongside internationally respected speech theapists

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